I’m a researcher studying Earth system resilience, and am currently working as a PostDoc at Stockholm Resilience Centre.

I am fascinated by the co-evolution of the Earth, life, and human societies as complex and dynamic systems and what we can learn from this about how best to live on the Earth.

My academic research uses numerical modelling and analysis to investigate the resilience of the Earth system, focusing on topics ranging from past perturbations to the carbon-climate system, feedbacks and tipping points in climate-life interactions, through to the sustainability of socio-ecological systems.

Many of my personal interests also stem from this curiosity in the Earth system and how humans have come to co-evolve with it, and include natural history, archaeology, conservation, agroecology, environmental activism, and political philosophy. I’m also an Aikidoka, a bushcrafter, and a permaculture-influenced gardener.

If you’d like to get in contact email me about work at david.armstrongmckay [at] su [dot] se or my whole name (as the title, no gaps) [at] gmail [dot] com for other stuff.

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