Socio-Ecological Systems

Humanity is now strongly influencing almost every part of the Earth System to the extent that human activities been reframed as an ‘Anthroposphere’ acting as a geological force to create a new era: the Anthropocene. Understanding the dynamic inter-relationships between human systems and the wider Earth system – what we call socio-ecological systems – is of critical importance to determining our future choices.

Post-Doc 1: Trends and Drivers of the English Agroecosystem (2015-2016)

Until recently I was working as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at the University of Southampton on a project entitled “Sustainability assessment of agriculture and ecosystem services in England and Wales: an integrated systems approach” with PI John Dearing and Co-Is James Dyke, Les Firbank, and Guy Poppy.

In this work we aggregated publicly available data relating to English regional agriculture and environmental degradation in order to ascertain the evolution of the English (and sub-regional) agroecosystem in recent decades. Data Analysis revealed strong trends and relationships between different agroecosystem components (e.g. agricultural intensification, changing fertiliser practice, pollution, & biodiversity) which we used to develop a conceptual dynamical systems model. A paper on this work is in the works!