Writing, Media, & Outreach

Sometimes I write and present things other than terse scientific journal articles, including for media & outreach. Here’s some examples:

Research Outreach:

  • Project: Climate Tipping Points: The Point of No Return? – the ReCoVER network supported me to do a science outreach project associated with my ReCoVER ECR PostDoc project in Southampton, which involved setting up & writing articles for climatetippingpoints.info, doing talks and conversations (at Southampton Researcher’s Cafe, The Science Room, & Winchester Cafe Scientifique), and commissioning & storyboarding an explainer animation on Youtube:
  • Article: Why is Climate Change so hard to address?, The Science Room / Medium, 23/02/2017 – article based on my talk at The Science Room associated with Climate Tipping Points outreach, covering tipping points, wicked problems, and human psychology.
  • Project: Keystone Collapse – I helped run the website and stalls for a science-meets-art outreach project on lake ecosystem collapse centred on a sculpture by artist Chris Cudlip, which was led and commissioned by Dr. James Dyke and funded by the British Ecological Society.


  • Articles: The PG Chronicle (2011-15) – monthly newsletter for PhD Students at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton; I mostly contributed ludicrous things and also edited many an issue. Classic articles included “Ducklingageddon” & NOC-MAN (in the style of PAC-MAN). This was not an entirely serious organ…
  • Articles: The Wessex Scene (2008-2011) – Uni. Southampton’s official student newspaper. My articles (such as “The Copenhagen Climate Crunch”) were featured in the Politics section. No longer online as far as I can tell – some day I’ll get round to scanning and uploading some of them.