Writing, Media, & Outreach

Sometimes I write and present things other than terse scientific journal articles, including for media & outreach. Here’s some examples:

Research Outreach:

  • Project (ongoing): Researchers Desk & #ScientistsForFuture
    A stall held at #FridaysForFuture protests in Stockholm where youth strikers and members of the public can directly ask climate scientists questions about climate change. I have featured as one of the scientists taking questions, and helped recruit other scientists to come along as well. The first outing was at the May Global Climate Strike day in Kungsträdgården (for which I was interviewed beforehand about it by Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter), and there’ll be some more desks over the summer at Mynttorget and Sergels Torg. This is linked to my personal support of #ScientistsForFuture, including signing open letters to Science and Dagens Nyheter stating that the concerns and demands of the climate school strikers are justified.
  • Project (ongoing): Climate Tipping Points: The Point of No Return?
    In 2016 the ReCoVER network supported me to do a science outreach project associated with my ReCoVER ECR PostDoc project in Southampton, which involved setting up & writing articles for climatetippingpoints.info, doing talks and hosting conversations (at Southampton Researcher’s Cafe, The Science Room, & Winchester Cafe Scientifique), and commissioning & storyboarding an explainer animation posted on Youtube:

    I’ve recently restarted writing for the website with a new Fact-Check series on climate tipping points in response to a recent upsurge in both interest and exaggerated claims.
  • Article: “Why is Climate Change so hard to address? The Science Room / Medium, 23/02/2017
    An article based on my talk at The Science Room associated with my Climate Tipping Points outreach, covering tipping points, wicked problems, and human psychology.
  • Project: Keystone Collapse
    I helped run the website and stalls for a science-meets-art outreach project on lake ecosystem collapse centred on a sculpture by artist Chris Cudlip, which was led and commissioned by Dr. James Dyke and funded by the British Ecological Society.
  • Interview: “Die Mächtige Moleküle Natur, February 2019
    I was quoted along with my SRC colleague Ingo Fetzer on the natural history of carbon dioxide and climate in this German nature magazine. Not available online, unfortunately…


  • Articles: The PG Chronicle (2011-15)
    A monthly newsletter for PhD Students at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton; I mostly contributed ludicrous things and also edited many an issue. Classic articles included “Ducklingageddon” & NOC-MAN (in the style of PAC-MAN). This was not an entirely serious organ…
  • Articles: The Wessex Scene (2008-2011)
    I wrote some articles for Uni. Southampton’s official student newspaper (such as “The Copenhagen Climate Crunch“) which were featured in the Politics section. No longer online as far as I can tell – some day I’ll get round to scanning and uploading some of them.